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Passionate employees, creative work

Whether you're a member of our news team, our sales staff or in another role in our company, you'll work with people who are passionate about their craft.
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Great jobs,
great benefits

Competitive salaries, health insurance, 401K options and paid time off are among Evening Post Industries' benefits for full-time employees.
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Employment Partners Portals:

Evening Post Newspaper Group

Interested in employment with one of Evening Post Industries Newspaper partners? Competitive salaries, health insurance, 401K options and paid time-off are among Evening Post Industries Newspaper Group's benefits for full-time employees.
Click here to go to our Newspaper Group's hiring portal.
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Cordillera Communications

Whether you are looking for your first job or continuing your broadcasting career, Cordillera has a wide range of employment opportunities at its locations across the country.
Click the link below to learn more about opportunities at Cordillera Communications.
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